Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Space

In digital marketing, first impression matters. The problem with some companies in the healthcare space is that they put up their website and leave it as it is, for good. Designing your business’ website is a continuous process. It requires your unfaltering attention, especially when keeping your clients posted about your services.

Picture this: a clinic with dirty windows and a smashed doorstep. Do you think customers will go inside that clinic? This is the same with digital marketing. Prospective clients won’t bother looking for the services you offer if your website lacks content and is obviously not well-maintained.

To give you an idea of websites that sell, here are some healthcare websites that we think will inspire you to improve your web design:

Chiropractic Care

Complete Chiropractic Dee Why is among the few clinics in Australia that offer Advanced Biostructural Correction. According to their website, this approach “reverses the effects of body’s natural compensation for old injuries and physical trauma, and provides a long-term solution to pain and discomfort.”

Upon viewing their home page, you will be greeted with soothing colors. This kind of illustrates that chiropractor Dee Why is here to relieve you of your discomfort and pain. Their blog is regularly updated and they clearly indicated what sets them apart from other chiropractors. Moreover, the company made a huge effort in promoting their services to the public, as seen in their featured articles in the Daily Telegraph and Living Now magazine.

Online Health Source

According to an online news portal, Everyday Health has at least 5.7 million unique monthly visitors. If you want to be aware of the most recent health news and trends, or would just want to read news features about healthy living and whatnot, Everyday Health is your go-to site. Readers love the site’s high quality content as well as the tools and information that can be found on their site. In keeping their readers up to date, they send free newsletters to those who signed up.

All-around Healthcare Provider

Mayo Clinic generates 7 million unique monthly visitors on average. With regards to the organization and labeling of their site, they did a pretty decent job “getting their visitors to the right place”, as reported by Optimal Workshop. However, their sections are inexplicit that visitors have to  click various sections for them to find what they are looking for. Nonetheless, their website gives a good deal of information for any health problem.

Mayo Clinic also has Symptom Checker. However, this should not be used to self-diagnose.

All in all, a good healthcare website should employ a uniform design and language. In addition, users must be able to experience a streamlined navigation when using the site. Content is also an important element of a good web design.