Don’t Be Boring In and Out of Bed

There is no direct correlation between being boring in bed and terrible sex. This being said, if this dullness is passed over, it will gradually put out the sensuality and warmth in a relationship. When this happens, it is likely that you or your partner will quench your sexual needs from other people.

After going out or getting spliced for a long time can result in occasional boring sex. It is a must that you both make an effort in keeping the fire burning not only in your relationship, but also in bed. Here are three ways on how you can refrain from boring sex:

  • Do not forget the pillow talk.

Men, and perhaps some women, want to talk dirty when in bed. It is a good foreplay and a sexual stimulant. Those who are having a hard time (no pun intended) on the pillow talk seek professional help from phone sex operators. They aid people in developing their sensual side, aside from helping them get off. Phone sex operators are widely available in Australia. As a matter of fact, the Sydney Phone Sex industry is doing quite well.

The next time you and your partner are in bed, make him feel wanted by murmuring naughty words into his ears. If you’re not sure what to say, you can jot down sensual words on a piece of paper. Then, say these words to yourself facing the mirror. It is advisable to practice as much as you could. After all, practice makes perfect.

  • Try new things.

Do not instantly say no to new things. If your partner would want to try a new sex position or foreplay, go for it. Being creative in bed might lead the both of you to a toe-curling orgasm. However, don’t push yourself if you are not comfortable doing it. Talk to your partner about it. Remember that communication is the key to a great sex life.

  • Humor your partner.

Did you know that shaking with laughter can get you off? Research shows that laughter and sex is a good combination. Coupling the former with the latter releases feel-good hormones and minimizes the stress hormones. According to a clinical psychologist, laughter and sex lead to great orgasms.